A trip to the doctor used to be about more than treating an illness. Your primary care physician was someone you could talk to, someone you could trust. The doctor used to be someone that took the time to discuss ways to prevent getting sick – not just prescribing medication for whatever ailed you.

Chester Springs Family Practice is a solo Family Medicine practice that is a welcomed return to the traditional doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Ouattara is a warm and friendly medical professional that spends time getting to know her patients and their medical history in order to provide superior, personalized care. She is committed to providing efficient and compassionate care; seeking to form a partnership with patients and their families to improve the quality of patients’ lives. She’ll teach you and your family how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick so you can live happier healthier lives.

Chester Springs Family Practice uses electronic medical records and electronic prescribing. This creates effective, efficient communication between our office, your pharmacy and other healthcare providers.

Our Patient Portal provides new patients with the opportunity to pre-register for their first office visit; existing patients have the ability to use email to request an appointment, review labs, request medication refills, or leave questions for the doctor or office staff. To learn more about Patient Portal, click here.

If you want more from your family doctor, call us at 610-321-1940 to schedule an appointment today. Your family’s health and well being is important to us and we look forward to caring for you through the years. You’ll discover that at Chester Springs Family Practice, Our Primary Care Is You!